the Lola chronicles

WordPress informed me that there are now 52 of you, blog readers, and gave me a little roundish thing that looks like the foil stickers we press on the childrens’ chests when they have birthdays. I must admit that I am shocked there are so many of you and find myself skeptical that you actually exist and are not, I don’t know, sentient gravatars and not people at all.

I write about my life as a teacher – hence the title – and the little personal bits that get tangled up with it. As I said when I started (before you all existed) this is just a notebook, as it were, that I was driven to write by a certain amount of mixed feelings; frustration and the desire to escape and love, of course, for the children. It was a tangled ball to keep inside my chest, I couldn’t write it by hand quickly enough, and so I put it here. I imagined one day I would have a follower and it would be somewhat thrilling. Now – well, foil sticker. Shock and confusion.

For those of you who have just materialized, I will re-state: I don’t edit – the words that hit the paper remain there. All names are pseudonyms (innocents etc). Everything that happens is real – the nine dollars, the mono, the everything.

There is no fiction.



6 thoughts on “the Lola chronicles

  1. I find blogging so much quicker, convenient, honest (as it’s easy to re-phrase, etc). At first that made me feel like a traitor to traditional ‘diary writing’ I guess, but it’s nice to have someone else write what I feel too. Blogging is so much easier.

  2. Please, I beg of you, do NOT put a sticker on my chest! But I’m not much of a follower, though I do keep track of you as best I can.

    Fiction . . . well Fiction just dissapears when you remove your gaze from the words. As someone once said, “I can’t make this $#!+ up!!”

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