mocking turtle

I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. I thought briefly of Scarlett O’Hara but dismissed the thought as engendering drama – or at least not being adverse to it.

I’m going to see him today. What does it mean? Well, I knew I would have to see him eventually – legally, at least. Before your thought-trains go past points which bear recalling, you probably haven’t been in this situation before. I never said, after all, that I would see him ‘in court’ – I only said legally.

Eventually I’ll get to the point that I won’t need him, but – golly gee whiz! – that seems like ages from now.

My voice doesn’t sound like my own voice when I speak and my writing doesn’t feel like me. I feel like the mocking turtle in Alice in Wonderland, infinitely disconnected and always at a loss.


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