The kitten – Havana – is unlike any other abandoned five week old kitten I’ve known. I would make a joke about devils and possession but I haven’t decided if that’s in bad taste, so I’ll refrain.

Of course she has been to the vet (“Where’d you get this? It smells like motor oil!”) and is now completely healthy.

I won’t go into excruciating detail about how cute she is drinking her tiny bottle, or any of that sort of thing that is solely interesting to pet owners and usually the specific owner. She has a tiny bottle. She sucks from it greedily. She chases dust incessantly, and she can climb anything (this does not bode well for six weeks and onward).

She has also changed lying in bed with mono into a game of survival (she will chew a human ear) – which, given the tone of the past few weeks (i.e. morbid) is actually preferable.

So, Havana = probable hellion. Definite life enhancer.


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  1. It is a well known fact that cats will steal women’s and baby’s vitality through black magic. Mono? or…

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