elsa vs. world

“I want to see the world,” Elsa said, smiling. I wanted to ask why. I wanted to ask are you sure you’re cut out for that? I didn’t want to sound unkind. I tried phrasing it differently in my mind, but she started talking before I could arrive at a new and satisfactory re-phrasing. “I’m going to CouchSurf.” she said happily. “That way I don’t have to pay for a place to stay. And there are CSers all over the world. I could go anywhere.” I picked up a plate and began drying. “Have you – have you done it before?” I asked carefully. “Oh, um, no – but lots of people have.” She shrugged. “It’s easy.”

“Did Elsa tell you about wanting to see the world?” I asked the director, hours later, dishes dried and stored. She nodded. “So I guess she’s quitting?” I mean – of course she has to quit to see the world. Another nod. “Since when does she not want to devote her life to children?” I felt vaguely betrayed, at the very least disappointed. “Honestly?”
“Yes, of course honestly.”
“Since you made it look so easy.”


8 thoughts on “elsa vs. world

  1. Your post prompted me to google “Couch Surfing” since I’m not that familiar with it… Who knew they were an organization with a mobile app and featured in The New Yorker?! Clearly, I lead a sheltered life.

      • I’ve traveled on Couch Surfing quite a bit – its a wonderful way to go.There is a referral system that Elsa should pay attention to – if someone has no referrals or a negative rating – avoid. There are some creepy single men who join CS for their own ends. She can gain referrals herself by attending CS parties and showing that she’s a lovely person and not just a freeloader.

        Yes, its nice that its cost-free, but the best thing about CS is getting to meet locals who introduce you to their social and family circles, as well as their favorite local haunts. You rarely actually sleep on their couches as well, normally people have a spare room.

        • I’ve done it myself, all over the world, and the positive experiences have outweighed the admittedly dodgy ones.

          Elsa only wants to join once she’s already in a different country.

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