“I never felt like this with anyone before,” he said softly, taking my hand. “I finally understand all those lyrics to all those love songs – ”

“I’ve heard that before.” I interjected in an even tone. I was careful to keep my voice un-accusatory. He pulled back. “Oh really? I guess men just line up to tell you how wonderful you are?” I stuck a straw in my Frappucino. “If you are honestly asking -”
“I am. I am asking you or I wouldn’t have said anything.” He crossed his arms. He had dropped my hand rather quickly onto the hard wood of our table top.

“In that case,” I answered breezily, “It isn’t just men professing love to me.”
“Women like you too, huh?”
“Or so they say. I never said ‘all women everywhere at once.’ ”
“Well obviously, right? I mean, my sister hates you. She says you’re a stuck up bitch and that body will change once you pop out a kid or too.” I smiled. “Or Bobby, I could live fast and fall in love with a beautiful girl who doesn’t slip the word ‘bitch’ into conversation when she’s annoyed. Or maybe I’ll find a nice boy who doesn’t quote the Cure while holding my hand in a Starbucks.” I stood up and shook the crumbs from my skirt.

He looked a little shocked. “Is there anything that impresses you?” I put on my sunglasses. “Of course – sincerity. I am always impressed by sincerity.”

It’s true. I might be continually unimpressed with life, but sincerity makes me blush furiously.

It’s so uncommon.


2 thoughts on “halo

  1. Good for you! I am so proud when I hear or see a woman speak up for herself! Especially when it comes to men who think they can quote mushy lines and expect a woman to surrender to them over such a lousy attempt! With sincerity, you either know without hearing the words, or when the words come out, you can just feel it immediately! It’s great to know you are such a strong woman! Please continue to be so! Especially women who are teachers! Your behaviour and actions are crucial in moulding the women of the future!

    • Thanks! Your comment seriously made my week. It’s true – sincerity is somehow always self-evident. Thanks for the support, really.

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