I don’t know if everyone’s search terms are amusing, or if mine are only amusing to me. I have yet to discover that they serve any actual function (other than feeding curiosity). The search terms that have led visitors to the blog – a great turn of phrase – for the past week are:

1) naked lola wordpress (understandable)

2) teacher has mono at daycare (yikes, google knows?)

3) hot dads at daycare (I imagine it’s endemic and not chronicles-specific?)

4) hard bitch daycare (very flattering)

5) naked daddy (I don’t . . . what?)

(Let me take this opportunity to add that there are quite a few ‘naked lola’s on the internets. None of these have anything to do with me and google them all you want, those are definitely not my naked/tattooed/etc. pictures. The reasons a teacher would not want to expose herself to that degree are myriad and easily guessed.)


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