searches: II + recommencement

I should start by apologizing for the rather unanticipated length of my absence: sorry. Secondly, I’d like to thank any and all of you who sent well wishes; a kindness is always appreciated, no matter how small or digital.

I also have to thank those of you whose continued interest in my Lola chronicles have made me feel too bad to delete it. For my continued amusement, the second installment of search terms:

1) naked lola wordpress (still far and away the most popular)

2) daycare chronicles (again, understandable)

3) want to see lola naked (a common sentiment; did you think wordpress was going to help?)

4) daycare fiction (nice – but it isn’t fiction)

5) hard bitch daycare (again? or is it endemic?)

6) what happened to mama elsas faxe (this is far and away my favourite. Are we talking about a machine that produces facsimiles? Is mama elsa the victim of petty crime? Did whoever typed in the query expect an answer?)

7) elsa in my stomach (hmm. there are a number of possible interpretations, none of which are savoury.)

8) naked in daycare (perhaps it’s an art film?)

9) blood (perhaps more unsavoury than the ‘elsa/stomach’ one.)

10) “mike calahan” reddit (oh really. . . Mike? really?)

11) dislikes in daycare (well that’s constructive)

12) I would like to work on (no, you wouldn’t. Trust me.)

13) daycare patience (now that’s sweet)

(Again I’ll slap on the disclaimer that the sexy internet Lolas have nothing to do with myself – that goes for all Filipina grandmothers as well. If anyone has any leads on the whereabouts of Mama Elsa’s ‘faxe’ , let me know (that isn’t an invitation to fabricate old-timey faux-quotes. You know who you are). And of course, thank you for searching and reading.)


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