“Kristen Stewart, as Bella, has a catchphrase,” said Elsa, closing her magazine. “That’s what we need – catchphrases.”

“What’s her catchphrase,” I asked, with a sigh, not really wanting to know but obligated to move the conversation forward.

“It’s biting her lip, like this -” she showed me. I shrugged. “I don’t think that physical tics really count as ‘catchphrases’, Elsa. Maybe stick to calling them ‘tics’. ” I reminded myself that I am fond of the word tic, made a mental note to try to use it during the following week in sentences involving more than just ‘tic-tacs’. I rubbed my nose. “Maybe you should – ”

“That’s it!” she laughed. “You’re doing it right now!” I froze, sat up a little straighter. “Doing what?”
“Your catchphrase is totally just rubbing your nose.” I opened my mouth and closed it – she might have a point. “And that is why the pores on your nose are so large,” she continued chirpily. “Because you’re always rubbing it.”