own it

“Well, look at me for example,” I told Marina. We were discussing the ‘it’ factor, and if it had a part to play in why some girls who aren’t pretty by any conventional standards are so very alluring. “You have it,” she told me. She’s beautiful and confident – she can afford to complement without evaluation. It’s nice.

“I think – at least for me – that it has to do with cultivating a rich internal life, and, you know, developing a soul and mind that are more than a collection of cultural tidbits and . . . ” I looked at her. She was looking absentmindedly at my hair, and her eyes had glazed over.

“Um, self-confidence, you know. You have to . . . own it.” I wrapped up. The spark in her eyes snapped back. “Yes!” she exclaimed, completely invested in the conversation once more. “Girl, you have to own it.”


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