“When I was a little kid I could stick my finger up my nose up to the knuckle,” Horton informed me. I pursed my lips, searched for the appropriate response, ended up just saying “Really?”

“Yes.” he paused. “I could still do it if you made it worth my while.” I looked up from my newspaper. “Is that so, Horton?”
“What is the going worth of your while?”
“I dunno – something good and tasty. Like a bag of chupa-chups. A whole bag.” I looked at him. He was deadly earnest.

It would be a change of pace from the Wall Street Journal.


4 thoughts on “chupa-chups

  1. I had to look up what the hell chupa-chups even were. I think you should go for it. And take a picture for the benefit of your readers. 🙂

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