searches the third

Today’s post is another round of searches, sponsored by the endless imagination of the collective internet unconscious.

1) Unknown search terms (why are they unknown? Is Google keeping secrets from me? Highly unsatisfactory)

2) christmas daycare worker humor (is there really an internet-appetite for this?)

3) fancy dad (people have been searching for this but I imagine they are just looking for some sort of bedazzled father and it has nothing specifically to do with the Chronicles)

4) naked lola wordpress (finally displaced by ‘fancy dad’)

5) daycare for sale point pleasant (this is disappointingly humdrum)

6) grizzled naked blog (whoa, is ‘grizzled naked’ a thing? I feel like the director when I tried to explain ‘grime’ to her and she kept saying “dirty music?” only now I am the olds. Or not. I’m scared to look this up and get unwanted image search scarring. Is ‘grizzled naked’ some sort of art house segue from torture porn? There’s always one really unsavoury search term, isn’t t here?)

I am again amused and mystified. Thank you readers, thank you internets.


One thought on “searches the third

  1. I wonder how many (if any) other blogs came up under the ‘grizzled naked blog’ search. If you’re the only one, that’d be quite the grizzled feather in your hat, no?

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