a lot

Every so often the director asks me how many blog followers I’ve accrued, and I dutifully report, and she says “Well, that’s quite a lot, isn’t it?” and I smile, dutifully and tightly. Five was a lot. Twenty was a lot. And now 207 is a lot.

Once the number went down by one instead of going up by one. I didn’t think she remembered the previous number but, of course, she did, and immediately squawked with dismay “Someone left you!” I nodded, mumbled that the word commonly, well rather exclusively employed was ‘unfollowed’, all the while watching her shake her head as if I’d made some terrible error. “You should stop writing about yourself, is what it is,” she concluded. “People want to hear about what happens in the life of a teacher, not a Lola,” I nodded, dutifully, wondered if ‘dutifully’ was going to be the word best used to describe my life.

“Exactly,” said her daughter, who had just entered the room, who used ‘exactly’ as a greeting, who then said nothing else as her mother continued to tell me what people wanted to hear.


2 thoughts on “a lot

  1. You are not alone.. I have been coughs unfollowed about 4 times. I know it’s horrible I consoled myself they were fake follow me so I follow them types that or lacking in taste. 🙂

  2. “Follower” and to be “unfollowed” – creepy ways of expressing the experience of sharing another’s writing- or not.

    I try not to check my “stats”- but I’m weak and sometimes can’t help myself. And when they go down, I do experience a sinking feeling wholly out of whack with the reality of what happened- and then I come to my senses- for a bit, anyhow.


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