searches four

Another round of searches, fair readers (and the perhaps inevitable troll hiding in your ranks).

1) movie “hard bitch daycare” (Oh, so we’re talking about porn. We are talking about porn now, aren’t we? I wanted to believe it was an unreleased Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle.)

2) at it (Well, sure, why not. You don’t have to explain yourself, internets.)

3) if everyone naked (Probably more the result of entry-level philosophy than anything else.)

4) hd xart (No . . . idea.)

5) naked at daycare (This happens daily, definitely. Only it’s little kids and it involves poo.)

6) “hard bitch daycare” (You people are insatiable. I wonder, do you stay and read? Or just recoil in disappointment and move on?)


7 thoughts on “searches four

  1. Searches are the first thing I look at in my stats each day – mainly for the general weirdness because in amongst the things you expect to see, you get odd disembodied words and phrases such as these from the past couple of weeks…

    becoming like him or better
    shops small with blue windows
    standing in puddle
    eye picture
    vintage water people

    What does all that mean? It’s like I’ve stumbled into some parallel universe where I know the words but they make absolutely no sense to me. I’d like to meet some vintage water people, I think… G

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