baby owls

I wish I had a baby owl. We’ve been studying owls at school, and baby owls – yes, owlets, I am aware – occupy more of my free-thinking brain space than they should.

Forget purse dogs. I want an owl in my purse.


8 thoughts on “baby owls

  1. Baby owls demand feeding of warm flesh. You would have to drop a mouse into your purse every half hour. Then clean out the bottom of your purse. Other than that, they are wonderful little creatures.

  2. I have an owl – stuffed, white, unblinking – that sits on top of a bookshelf. Someone gave it to me when they were fired from a museum where I was volunteering as a docent. I tried to give it back to the museum but they refused to take it (long story) and I’ve had it ever since.

    I knew you’d be dying to know this.

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