Sometimes when I think of him I want to spontaneously burst into tears. I didn’t say ‘cry’ because it’s different: one cries out of sadness, frustration, joy. It isn’t like that. It’s different.

I just think of his face and I feel like there’s a river behind my eyes, matter-of-fact body of water that’s about to leak out. So I immediately banish the thought of him to the back of my mind (wherever that is) and the next time it floats to the surface of my consciousness, this idea of him, is months later.

And perhaps that day I feel something entirely different. I usually do.


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  1. Well. I finally found a post on which the comments were not closed. I laughed. That’s one way to get your laggard friends to come right on over when you post. You’re good. Really good. And honest, I believe. I am going to like this blog without feeling forced to “Like”.

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